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The Best Combo Bounce House Rentals
Nashville TN.

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We have the best looking combo bounce house for rent in Nashville


In Jumping Hearts Party Rentals we take pride in not only being one of the best party rentals in Nashville, but also in bringing to you the best Inflatable bounce house combo for rent in the Nashville area.
We are a professional party rentals company in Nashville, with multiple awards for our emphasis in safety and high quality products.
If you are looking for the leading party rental company in Nashville, look no further than Jumping Hearts Party Rentals!

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Construction Bounce House Rental Nashville
Bounce House Rental Nashville
Our construction bounce house with slide rental is the perfect addition to any event, bringing both fun and excitement. This vibrant construction bounce house rental is designed in striking bright yellow and black colors, capturing the attention of kids and adults. The entrance of this beautiful construction bounce house rental is uniquely adorned with a realistic front loader, adding an extra touch of construction site authenticity. Once inside, children can enjoy bouncing around in a spacious area before sliding down the attached slide. This construction bounce house rental combines the thrill of a construction adventure with the joy of a classic inflatable, making it an ideal choice for birthday parties, community events, and family gatherings and it promises hours of entertainment and imaginative play.
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Cheeseburger Bounce House Rental Nashville
Nashville Bounce House Rental
Imagine a fun-filled bounce house rental with an exciting twist: it's designed to look like a gigantic cheeseburger with fries! This unique inflatable Cheeseburger bounce house rental is perfect for parties, festivals, or any event where kids and adults want to have a blast. The main structure of the bounce house rental is shaped like a huge cheeseburger, complete with colorful, detailed elements like a sesame seed bun, a juicy beef patty, vibrant lettuce, tomato slices, and melted cheese, inviting guests to jump right in. Attached to the side of the cheeseburger bounce house is a thrilling slide that resembles a stack of crispy golden fries. The slide is easy to climb and provides a fun, fast descent, making it a hit with children of all ages. Inside the bounce house, there's plenty of space for jumping, playing, and laughing.
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Dolphin Bounce House Rental Nashville
Bouncy House Rental Nashville
Imagine a vibrant and playful dolphin bounce house rental with an attached slide that promises endless fun for kids. The bounce house rental is designed with a captivating ocean theme, featuring two large 3D dolphins joyfully splashing out of the water. These dolphins are positioned at the front entrance, welcoming children with their friendly and dynamic poses. The color scheme is a delightful mix of green, yellow, and blue, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. The base of the bounce house is rich green, while the walls and roof incorporate cheerful shades of blue and yellow. The slide, which extends from one side of the bounce house rental, is a bright yellow, green, and blue combination of colors adding an extra burst of sunshine to the overall design.
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Jumper rental Nashville
Nashville Bouncy House Rental
A bounce house and double lane slide bounce house rental offers an exciting and visually appealing addition to any event. This particular rental features an electrifying color combination of vivid blue and bright yellow, making it stand out and attract attention from guests of all ages. The bounce house section provides a spacious and safe area for children to jump, play, and expend their energy. The vibrant blue and yellow colors create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere, encouraging kids to have fun and be active. The high walls and durable material ensure safety while allowing for maximum enjoyment. Connected to the bounce house is the double lane slide, which adds an extra layer of excitement. The two lanes allow for friendly races and double the fun as kids can slide down side by side.
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Bounce house rental Nashville | Jumping Hearts Party Rentals Nashville
Nashville Jumper Rental
Introducing our exciting Bounce House with Slide Rental, perfect for any celebration! This inflatable bounce house rental features a double lane slide, allowing two kids to race down simultaneously for double the fun. The bounce house rental itself is spacious, providing plenty of room for jumping and playing. The color combination is truly eye-catching, with a beautiful blend of purple, teal, and vivid magenta we call Cotton Candy. The vibrant colors make this bounce house with slide rental a standout piece at any event, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere. The design is both fun and visually appealing, ensuring it will be a hit with children and parents. Our Bounce House with Slide Rental will provide hours of entertainment and create lasting memories. Book today and let the fun begin!
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Nashville Dinosaur Bounce House rental
Jumper Rental Nashville
Imagine a thrilling adventure for kids with our Dinosaur Bounce House with Slide Rental. This fantastic inflatable bounce house rental features vibrant, high-quality dinosaur graphics that transport children to a prehistoric world. The exterior showcases a lush, green jungle teeming with lifelike images of towering T-Rexes, and swift Velociraptors, creating an immersive experience. The dinosaur bounce house rental itself is spacious, allowing plenty of room for kids to jump and play. The attached slide adds an extra layer of excitement, giving children the thrill of sliding down from the 'dinosaur mountain' into the 'valley' below. Our Dinosaur Bounce House with Slide Rental will make any event unforgettable. Let the kids' imaginations run wild as they bounce, slide, and explore in this dino-themed wonderland.
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Firetruck bounce house rental Nashville
Nashville Bounce Castle Rental
Experience the ultimate fun and excitement with our Firetruck Bounce House Rental! This unique inflatable firetruck bounce house rental attraction is designed to captivate kids' imaginations and provide hours of entertainment. The bouncing area is creatively shaped like a building on fire, complete with vibrant flames and detailed graphics that make it look like a real-life emergency scene. Adding to the thrill, the slide is ingeniously designed to resemble a firetruck, allowing children to feel like they are part of a heroic rescue mission. They can climb up and slide down the firetruck, simulating the experience of brave firefighters in action.
Book our Firetruck Bounce House Rental today and watch as kids' faces light up with excitement and adventure!
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Extra Large Bounce house Rental Nashville
Bounce Castle Rental Nashville
Introducing the ultimate extra-large bounce house rental designed to elevate any party experience! This vibrant inflatable bounce house rental features bold primary colors that effortlessly blend with any party theme, making it a versatile choice for various celebrations. The bounce house rental boasts an expansive bouncing area with a basketball hoop, providing ample space for kids to jump, play, and release their energy safely. Adding to the fun, this bounce house rental includes a thrilling set of obstacles that challenge and entertain children, encouraging physical activity and imaginative play. To top it all off, the bounce house features an exciting slide, offering a dynamic way for kids to exit the bouncing area and enjoy an exhilarating ride.
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Dinosaur Bounce House Rental Nashville | Jumping Hearts Party Rentals Nashville
Dinosaur Bounce House Rentals
Introducing our thrilling Dinosaur Bounce House and Slide Rental, the ultimate attraction for any dinosaur-themed event! This exciting dinosaur bounce house rental features a massive 3D T-Rex that stands proudly at the front, capturing the imagination of every young adventurer. Flanking the T-Rex is a realistic-looking palm tree, adding to the prehistoric ambiance. This dinosaur bounce house rental is designed with a vibrant color palette that includes shades of gray, yellow, green, and brown, creating an eye-catching and immersive experience. The spacious interior provides plenty of room for kids to jump, play, and explore, while the attached slide offers an exhilarating descent from the prehistoric heights. Make your next event a roaring success with this unforgettable bounce house!
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Princess Castle bounce house rental Nashville
Princess Bounce House Nashville
Our Princess Bounce House and Slide Rental is the ultimate centerpiece for any royal celebration! This enchanting Princess bounce house rental is shaped like a majestic castle, complete with turrets and battlements that will transport young guests to a magical kingdom. The vibrant color combination of pink, purple, and light blue adds a whimsical touch, making it visually appealing and perfect for any princess-themed event. As children approach the entrance, they will be greeted by a stunning 3D princess figure and a charming 3D unicorn, both perched above the doorway, adding an extra element of wonder and excitement.  The attached slide offers an exhilarating descent, ensuring hours of fun and laughter. Book now and let the fairytale adventure begin!
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Moster truck Bounce House Rental Nashville | Jumping Hearts Party Rentals Nashville
Monster Truck Jumper Rental
Imagine the ultimate attraction for any event: a monster truck bounce house and slide rental that will leave guests in awe. This incredible bounce house rental features a massive monster truck designed to look as if it's leaping forward, frozen in mid-air at a towering height of 18 feet. The truck's vibrant colors, realistic details, and imposing size make it a show-stopping centerpiece. The monster truck bounce house itself is spacious, allowing plenty of room for kids to jump and play safely, enhancing the adventurous feel. Attached to the monster truck bounce house rental is an exhilarating slide that adds an extra layer of excitement. The slide is designed to look like a steep ramp that the monster truck might have just launched off.
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Unicorn Bounce House Rentals Nashville
Unicorn Bounce House Nashville
Imagine a magical unicorn bounce house and slide rental that will make any event unforgettable. The unicorn bounce house rental is designed with vibrant, eye-catching colors that blend seamlessly into a beautiful multicolor combination. At the front of the bounce house, a stunning rainbow arches gracefully, creating a whimsical entrance that invites children to step into a world of imagination and fun. Above the rainbow, a majestic unicorn is depicted in mid-leap, adding an enchanting touch to the scene. The unicorn is adorned with a glittering mane and tail, shimmering in shades of pink, purple, blue, and gold, capturing the essence of fantasy and wonder. The unicorn bounce house rental is perfect for kids to jump and play safely.
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The Best Combo Bounce House for Rent in
Nashville TN

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