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18ft Tiki Plunge double lane water slide

18ft Tiki Plunge double lane water slide

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*Holiday Pricing May Vary

GOOD: Regular Price (Up to 5 Hours) : $455.00 

Better: Overnight (Keep It till The Next Morning) $682.50 

BEST: Weekend Rental $910.00 

Setup Area: 34' L x 13' W x 19' H -- Flat Surface. Grass only

Actual Size: 32' L x 11' W x 18' H

Monitors: Adult supervision is required at all the times.

Outlets: 1 -GFI required within 75ft

Age Group: For Riders 34" tall and Up, 200 lbs maximum


Nashville water slide rentals, Jumping Hearts Party Rentals Nashville Water Slide Rentals Nashville | Jumping Hearts Party Rentals

Our Nashville water slide rental inventory is amazing, and our tiki plunge double-lane water slide rental is the perfect addition to your party! When you add a double-lane water slide rental to your party, you are doubling the fun! After all, what's better than a single-lane water slide rental? You guessed it... a double-lane water slide rental!

This amazing-looking water slide rental is perfect for a Hawaiian Luau Party, a tropical-themed party, or a summertime birthday party! Our Tiki plunge double lane water slide rental is made with an amazing color combination that screams Hawaiian water slide rental!

Our tiki plunge water slide rental features an inflated landing splash to ensure the safe landing of your family and guests, without sacrificing any of the fun and the adrenaline rush of a water slide rental! So, what are you waiting for? Add this water slide rental to your party and turn your birthday party into the best water slide party ever!!! 

Meet our magnificent 18-foot-tall Tiki Plunge double-lane water slide rental, the ultimate addition to your upcoming Luau party! This exhilarating water slide is designed to provide endless hours of fun and excitement for guests of all ages.

Standing at an impressive 18 feet tall, the Tiki Plunge double-lane water slide rental is sure to capture everyone's attention. Its vibrant and colorful design, inspired by traditional Polynesian Tiki art, creates a visually stunning centerpiece for your event.

With two lanes, this water slide rental allows for friendly competition as guests can race side by side to see who can reach the bottom first. The excitement builds as sliders zoom down the slippery slope, propelled by the refreshing rush of water. The water slide rental landing splash ensures a safe and thrilling finish, creating a satisfying splash that will leave everyone soaked and smiling.

Perfect for hot summer days, this water slide rental provides a fantastic way to beat the heat and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're hosting a backyard Luau, a community event, or a corporate gathering, the Tiki Plunge double-lane water slide rental is guaranteed to be a hit with guests of all ages.

Renting our Tiki Plunge double lane water slide rental is not only a great way to keep guests entertained, but it also adds a touch of tropical flair to your event. Its eye-catching design and impressive size make it a standout attraction that will leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

So why wait? Make a splash at your next event with our 18 feet tall Tiki Plunge double lane water slide rental. Contact us today to reserve this thrilling and colorful addition to your Luau party!


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