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Human Foosball

Human Foosball

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GOOD: Regular Price (Up to 5 Hours) : $355.00 

Better: Overnight (Keep It till The Next Morning) $532.50 

BEST: Weekend Rental $710.00 

Setup Area: 45'L x 30'W x 8'H

Actual Size: 35'L x 20'W x 7'H

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 8 and up


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The inflatable human foosball rental is a life-size version of one of the most popular games of all time. In this human foosball game rental, you can entertain 8 players at a time in a friendly soccer-like foosball game.

An inflatable foosball game rental is one of the best ways to promote team building and one of the best interactive games available in the party rentals industry. Get your team together and see if you have what it takes to be the champion of the inflatable human foosball rental! 


inflatable Human Foosball Rentals Nashville

The Human foosball rental is a life-sized, interactive adaptation of the classic tabletop foosball game rental. This engaging activity transforms players into the players of a foosball table, creating a fun and dynamic experience for participants. Here's a description of how a human foosball game rental typically works:

1. **Inflatable Arena or Enclosure:**
   The Human foosball game rental is often played within an inflatable arena or enclosure. The playing area is enclosed with inflatable walls to keep the ball and participants contained.2. **Player Rods:**

   Instead of traditional foosball rods with miniature player figures, our human foosball rental features long metal or plastic rods attached to the inflatable walls. Players hold onto these rods, limiting their lateral movement to replicate the side-to-side motion of foosball game players.

3. **Team Setup:**
   Human foosball game rental is typically played with two teams, each consisting of several players. The number of players on each team may vary based on the size of the inflatable arena.

4. **Objective:**
   The objective of the human foosball rental is to score goals by kicking or passing a soccer ball into the opposing team's goal. The goals are usually oversized openings at each end of the inflatable arena.

5. **Lateral Movement Only:**
   Participants are restricted to moving laterally along their assigned rods. This limitation replicates the left-to-right movement of foosball players and adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy to the human foosball game rental.

6. **Ball Movement:**
   The soccer ball is usually standard-sized, and players use their feet to kick, pass, and shoot. The ball can bounce off the walls and the rods, creating unpredictable and fast-paced action.

7. **Referees or Game Officials:**
   A Human foosball game rental may have referees or game officials to enforce rules, monitor player movements, and ensure fair play.

8. **Teamwork and Strategy:**
   The success in a human foosball rental relies on teamwork, coordination, and strategic positioning. Players must work together to pass the ball, defend their goal, and score against the opposing team.

9. **Event Usage:**
   The Human foosball rental is a popular attraction at events such as team-building activities, company picnics, festivals, and community gatherings. It provides a unique and entertaining experience, combining elements of soccer, foosball, and teamwork into a life-sized game.


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