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Setup Area: 40' x 40' x 10'

Actual Size: 30' x 30'

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 2

Age Group: 7 and up


Take a look at the amazing Toxic Meltdown Game Rental


The rental of this unit is $1004 for up to 2 hours, $1154 for 3 hours or $1304 for 4 hours, and $150 an hour after that. 

The rental price of this interactive game includes a trained operator.
 This unit requires 2 separate outlets.

The Toxic Meltdown Rental is one of our most popular games, specially designed to entertain in large events. If you were looking for the best mechanical rides, just type toxic meltdown rental near me in your browser and that's it, this amazing inflatable game rental will come up. The main goal of the toxic meltdown rental is to jump and duck as two giant padded booms start turning around slowly and gradually speed up, The toxic meltdown game rental offers those who take the challenge the opportunity to prove who's the more skilled of the 8 possible players on this amazing game. The Toxic Meltdown rental will be a great addition to any church event, school activity, any fall or spring festival, or a company Christmas party.

Combine the toxic meltdown rental with an Obstacle Course rental, a slide rental, and a few interactive games rentals, and your event will be epic.


The Toxic Meltdown Rental is an exhilarating and challenging inflatable game rental that combines elements of agility, endurance, and strategy. This interactive game rental is designed for participants to test their reflexes and coordination as they navigate through a series of moving obstacles while avoiding being knocked off their pedestals.

Key Features:

1. **Inflatable Structure:**
   The Toxic Meltdown Rental consists of a large inflatable structure with two arms or boom arms radiating from a central axis. These arms move in unpredictable patterns and at varying speeds.

2. **Pedestals:**
   The participants on the toxic meltdown rental Nashville stand on individual pedestals positioned at different distances from the central axis. The goal is to maintain balance and avoid being knocked off the pedestal by the moving arms.

3. **Rotating and Swinging Obstacles:**
   The boom arms rotate and swing at different heights and angles, creating a challenging environment. The participants on the Nashville toxic meltdown rental must duck, jump, and sidestep to avoid contact with the moving obstacles.

4. **Speed and Difficulty Levels:**
   The Toxic Meltdown game rental often features adjustable speeds and difficulty levels, allowing for customization based on participants' age and skill levels.

5. **Multiplayer Competition:**
   This game is often designed for multiplayer competition, with several participants navigating the moving obstacles simultaneously. On the toxic meltdown game rental Nashville, the last person standing on their pedestal is declared the winner.

6. **Toxic Theme:**
   The theme is often accentuated with toxic waste symbols, colors, and graphics to create a visually striking and immersive experience.

7. **Safety Measures:**
   Safety features such as padded surfaces, secure harnesses, and inflatable barriers are typically incorporated to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

8. **Event Usage:**
   The Toxic Meltdown game rental in Nashville is a popular choice for various events, including carnivals, fairs, team-building activities, and birthday parties, offering a unique and engaging experience for participants seeking a physical challenge and a dose of adrenaline.


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