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Rainbow Unicorn Combo Bounce House (DRY)***Exclusive Jumping Hearts design***

Rainbow Unicorn Combo Bounce House

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*Holiday Pricing May Vary

GOOD: Regular Price (Up to 5 Hours) : $324.00 

Better: Overnight (Keep It till The Next Morning) $486.00 

BEST: Weekend Rental $648.00 

Setup Area: 35' x 25' - Flat Surface. Grass, Concrete or Asphalt

Actual Size: 27'L x 16'W x 16'H

Monitors: Adult supervision is required at all the times.

Outlets: 1 -GFI required within 75ft

Age Group: For Riders 34" tall and Up, 600 lbs maximum


Isn't this rainbow unicorn bounce house rental the cutest unicorn bounce castle you've ever seen? Imagine the face of your little princess when she sees this beautiful unicorn inflatable bounce house rental right in the middle of your backyard! Her eyes will open wide and the biggest smile you'll ever see on her face will appear immediately! Our exclusive unicorn bounce house rental design will make your little princess unicorn party the best unicorn party ever!

Unicorn Bounce House Rentals Nashville | Jumping Hearts Party Rentals

Introducing the enchanting Rainbow Unicorn Bounce House Rental, where magical adventures come to life! This extraordinary inflatable is designed to captivate both children and adults with its stunning visuals and exciting features.

At the front of the unicorn bounce house rental, a magnificent unicorn is seen gracefully leaping over a vibrant rainbow, creating a truly mesmerizing sight. The intricate details and vibrant colors of the artwork make it an absolute eye-catcher, instantly drawing attention and igniting imagination.

But that's not all! This unicorn bounce house rental also features a thrilling wet or dry slide, adding an extra element of excitement. Kids can enjoy a refreshing splash down the slide on hot summer days or have a blast sliding down in dry weather. The versatility of this unicorn bounce house rental ensures year-round entertainment for all.

The Rainbow Unicorn Bounce House Rental boasts an amazing color combination that further enhances its visual appeal. The vivid hues of the rainbow, combined with the mystical pastel shades of the unicorn, create a harmonious blend that is simply breathtaking. This vibrant color scheme adds an extra touch of magic to any event or party.

Crafted with utmost attention to safety and durability, this bounce house rental is made from high-quality materials that are built to withstand hours of playtime. It is designed to provide a safe and secure jumping experience, allowing children to bounce and slide for hours.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a family gathering, or a community event, the Rainbow Unicorn Bounce House Rental is sure to be the star attraction. Bring joy and wonder to your next occasion with this extraordinary inflatable that combines the beauty of unicorns, rainbows, and endless fun.


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