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Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

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GOOD: Regular Price (Up to 5 Hours) : $355.00 

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Setup Area: 35'L x 35'W x 20'H

Actual Size: 29'L x 29'W x 17'H

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 8 and up


Here's a video of our wrecking ball rental in action



Challenge your friends' and guests' abilities with this inflatable wrecking ball game rental. This wrecking ball rental interactive game will entertain up to 4 guests at a time and countless guests around the wrecking ball game rental recording videos and taking pictures, not to mention laughing and clapping. Your guests will not only be pushing their skills of balancing on the pedestals of this inflatable game rental but also maintain their balance while throwing the wrecking ball at each other and trying to knock their opponents off their pedestals. This inflatable wrecking ball rental is a very effective way to keep guests engaged during events of any size, so... what are you waiting for? Reserve this inflatable wrecking ball game rental today! 

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The inflatable wrecking ball game rental is an entertaining and dynamic attraction that brings a playful and competitive element to events. Here's a description of how the inflatable wrecking ball game rental works:

1. **Inflatable Structure:**
   The game is set within an inflatable arena that features a central structure resembling a wrecking ball. The inflatable wrecking ball rental Nashville is often surrounded by safety barriers to keep the participants within the designated play area.

2. **Wrecking Ball:**
   The central feature of the inflatable is a large, padded wrecking ball suspended from the top. The wrecking ball rental is attached by ropes, allowing it to swing freely within the arena.

3. **Player Platforms:**
   The inflatable wrecking ball rental has four inflatable pedestals or platforms positioned equidistant from the central wrecking ball. Participants stand on these platforms, facing each other.

4. **Objective:**
   The objective of the wrecking ball game rental is to avoid being knocked off the platform by the swinging wrecking ball. Players must use balance, agility, and timing to stay on their platform while trying to knock opponents off theirs.

5. **Player Interactions:**
   Players can influence the movement of the wrecking ball rental by pushing it or deflecting it with their bodies. This interaction adds an element of strategy and teamwork as players try to coordinate their efforts to knock opponents off.

6. **Last Person Standing:**
   The game continues until only one person remains standing on their platform. That player is declared the winner of the round.

7. **Safety Measures:**
   The inflatable wrecking ball game rental is designed with safety in mind. The wrecking ball and platforms are typically padded to minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, participants may wear protective gear, such as helmets.

8. **Event Usage:**
   The inflatable wrecking ball game rental Nashville is a popular choice for a variety of events, including carnivals, team-building activities, corporate events, and parties. Its engaging and competitive nature makes it a crowd-pleaser, encouraging friendly competition and lots of laughter.

The inflatable wrecking ball game rental offers a unique and entertaining experience that combines physical activity, strategy, and amusement, making it a standout attraction at any event.


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